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Reproductions of Jewelry made on Iona from the early 1900's

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The Isle of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland was the spiritual center of the Celtic world in the 6th to the 8th centuries. Wonderful carved stone monuments, crosses and illuminated books were created there in the golden age of Celtic art. Iona remains an important cultural and religious focal point in modern times.

Geologically Iona is a marvel. It is formed of some of the oldest rock in the world, so old that there are no fossils. The green and salmon colored Lewisian gneiss we call Iona bloodstone. This hard colorful stone is an excellent material for jewelry. Green serpantine marble from Iona is also used as a jewelry stone. It is a traditional charm against drowning and the evil-eye. The translucent green of the marble is also called Iona greenstone or St. Columba's tears. These stones have been collected by the Walkers on several pilgrimages to Iona and are cut and polished in their workshop in the US.

Any of the jewelry designs shown here are available with either marble or bloodstone. These  are natural materials and each piece is unique as far as color and figure.

18 November 2000