Celtic Liturgical Arts

Stephen Walker has designed and crafted communion chalices, alter crosses and other liturgical objects during his more than 30 years as a craftsman. 

The objects shown on this page are all original Celtic designs  inspired by Christian Celtic symbolism.  Several of these  were specially commissioned.

Celtic Chalice ~ Click for details 

Brass Altar Cross

Carved on both sides. 34 inch overall height with granite base.
Made for an American Church, two extra castings were made. Each of these is different. 

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Celtic Cross pendants and jewelry are part of our regular range of designs in sizes appropriate both for clergy and for lay people.

Celtic Cross Jewelry


Celtic Cross Ring

Pectoral Crosses

Cross Panel

A 12 inch square of sterling silver, chased with knotwork in a traditional tessellating Celtic step pattern, based on the Shrine of Saint Patrick's Bell.

This piece was made in the form of a tray, but it has been suggested that the design would make a great tabernacle door. 

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