Walker Metalsmiths is a family run arts and crafts business run by founders Stephen and Susan Walker (left). Stephen is the designer and master craftsman and Susan is Stephen's wife, muse and business manager. Standing on the steps are Suesette and Ella who take care of customer service. Seated are Willie, Kevin and Donald, who are learning the art and mystery of goldsmithing and assist Stephen in the workshop. The original workshop and showroom is in the Walker's hometown of Andover, NY.

In business 25 years. Celebration January 2 & 3, 2009

Our websites:

Walker Metalsmiths has three websites, each of which originally served a different purpose, but now have become somewhat overlapping.

www.celtarts.net is our original domain begun in 1996. The articles and historical content still catch many web searches, but most actual sales have been moved to www.walkerscelticjewelry.com, which is a more up to date and user friendly web based shopping site.. www.walkermetalsmiths.com was our shopping site but is now just a pass thru to walkerscelticjewelry.com

All three of these websites are designed and maintained in-house by Susan, Stephen and Maggie Walker with technical assistance from Eric Miller.

A second shop was opened on Saint Columba's Day, June 9, 2007
 on Park Avenue in Rochester. 
In May 2009 this shop moved into a bigger space at
140 Packets Landing , Fairport, NY.

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Stephen Walker
brief bio

Stephen Walker began making Celtic designs in metal at age 14. Walker Metalsmiths has been at One Main Street in Andover, NY since 1992.

Visit Walker Metalsmiths in Andover

Some people are surprised to learn New York is not all a big city. Andover is in very rural Allegany County, 300 miles from Manhattan. AndoverNY.com

Susan Walker

Susan Thomson Walker, pictured here as the cover girl for the Celtic Wedding Resource Site, graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in Marketing and Public Relations. She went on for a Masters Degree in Math Education at Alfred University and taught math at Alfred State College several years before joining Walker Metalsmiths full time in 1996. 
25th anniversary 11 July 200

Family inspiration
 for Celtic Art

Stephen and Susan have strong Celtic family heritage on all sides of both families. Susan's grandmother was born in Co. Tipperary and she has Scottish heritage as well. Stephen's grandfather was from Aberdeenshire in Scotland and he has Irish roots also. The Walker's have six children. Genealogy page

Many people have found this site a useful resource for learning about Celtic art and culture. A collection of essays, links and recommended books can be found in the reading room.

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 7 July 01

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